l10n.js Content Kit

JavaScript library that enables localization through the native JavaScript method intended for it.

Technology level: well established.

For any issues, submit issues against https://github.com/CodingFree/l10n-content-kit.

Versioning information

Current as of June 2015.

This content kit is published under the Mozilla Public License, version 2.0.

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After you present or teach this content kit, your audience will know how to:

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Active learning

Clone and edit the example.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is l20n?
The Mozilla l20n project aims to supersede l10n formats like Gettext, mostly by allowing C-style macros in l10n resources. The l20n project brings a generic solution (expressions) to handle complex grammatical rules.
What is the 'LOL' format?
The 'LOL' format is specific to the l20n project. The 'LOL' format is a mix of C-style comments and logical expressions, JSON-like values and DTD-like entities.
Why not 'LOL' format in l10n?
By design, LOL entities are not nestable. This gets in the developer’s way when dealing with more complex structures than just HTML elements.